Market Research and Strategic Planning Capabilities

StrategyGen’s team provides unique value in applying its world class knowledge and thoughtful  leadership for market research pertaining to health care reform.  They bring experience to contract performance that  far surpasses expectations, and recommendations that substantially improves business performance.” – William Bruno, Vice President kantar_tns_logoKANTAR TNSGlobal Research

Market Research and Strategic Planning Qualifications

StrategyGen has a unique and differentiated market research capability, including:

  • Experience using traditional market research methodologies to support strategic planning including literature reviews, trend analysis, data analysis, large data set analysis, surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews.
  • Experience utilizing innovative market research methodologies such as vocalyst, neuro research, cluster analysis, conjoint, price sensitivity, shopper methodology, and discrete choice analysis.
  • Depth and breadth of market research experience with large scale data analysis and research projects such as 4,000 respondent research initiative to one-on-one interviews, phone surveys, street surveys, and web panels.
  • Experience assessing and evaluating difficult to obtain primary and secondary data such as acquired the retail list price of specialty health products; identified discounts for different types of product orders through purchasing consultants and wholesalers; discrete choice and conjoint analysis of product features and costs.


Primary Research

  • HUD Grants Management Office Support: Conducted primary research through one-on-one research sessions with program offices to identify new measures and metrics for grant evaluation.
  • Thought-Leader Identification and Recruiting: Recruited 150 financial, political, and healthcare thought-leaders for strategic market research including; one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys.
  • Financial and Health Convergence Consumer Market Segmentation: Developed consumer market segmentation methodology to perform primary market research to identify targeted segments and opportunities to motivate hard-to-reach populations.

Secondary Research

  • Affordability Disruptive Innovation: Conducted secondary research to create disruptive market concepts for products to meet the benefit and pricing needs of targeted to consumer segments to conduct focus groups using discrete choice analysis to create disruptive concepts and pricing.
  • Medical Cost Competitive Position Market Research Assessment: Conducted secondary research to provide competitive assessments on medical cost management approaches and to develop medical cost measurement metrics. Analyzed secondary research on targeted competitors, collected and analyzed industry level secondary research on medical cost levers, and synthesized findings and documented recommendations.
  • CMS Hospital Engagement Network (HEN): Provide in-depth data analysis of provider process and behavior for approximately 50 hospitals. Conduct secondary market research on best practices and consult with hospital administrators and bedside clinicians on achieving program metrics.

Innovative Market Research

  • Innovative Consumer and Hispanic Web Panel Development and Implementation: Developed innovative consumer panels including the traditionally hard-to-reach bilingual Hispanic segment for just-in-time market research of consumers and specialty segments. Quickly identified medical product opportunities and pricing, assessed clinician behavior, identified opportunities for differentiation using on-line focus group, and individual interviews and randomized survey methodologies. The panels allowed for various analytical methodologies such as regression, conjoint, and simplified discrete choice.
  • Large-Scale Consumer, Business Decision Maker, Physician, Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Conducted 4,000 satisfaction surveys annually of constituent segments using the innovative Voice of the Customer (Vocalyst) market research methodology.
  • Individual Market Product Competitive Market Research: Conducted primary market research using the “shopper” methodology that includes calling competitive health plans, using online benefit and quote sites, and analyzing agent product spreadsheets to identify benefit concepts and threshold pricing for the health plan and ancillary products.
  • Brain Wave Market Research for Advertising Effectiveness and Consumer Retention: Revolutionary new market research methodology that is the fusion of quantitative and qualitative market research to test advertising effectiveness to reveal deeply held opinions, values, and feelings. Enabled the quantitative assessment of advertising ROI.

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The StrategyGen team researches the systematic challenges to evidence-based care and develops strategies and methods to improve its adoption and drive quality outcomes. We develop research agendas to address the challenges associated with the communication and dissemination of evidence-based research findings to various audiences.

StrategyGen’s insider knowledge of the healthcare industry enables us to deliver the primary market research instruments that target the right market segments, asking and answering the right questions for our clients.

We design studies and conduct longitudinal program evaluations from an activity’s inception through various milestones to outcomes, impacts and cost-related analysis. We analyze and synthesize secondary data, literature reviews and meta analyses. Services also include legal and policy analyses, customer satisfaction survey design, and internal management and organizational studies. We can assist with the design and implementation of compliance Marketplace / Exchange eligibility appeals processes.


  • Improved Position In Market
  • Strengthened Competitive Advantage
  • Accurate Market Forecasting
  • Discovered Market Opportunities
  • Customized Strategy Fitting Your Needs
  • Identify and Eliminate Barriers
  • Primary and Secondary Data Analysis
  • Understand Your Market and Patients Needs
  • Systematic Approach to Solve Complex Problems
  • Flexible Strategic Plan for Healthcare Reform
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