Program Integrity and Process Improvement

“Thank you for being part of our team this year! Your dedication and tireless efforts have ensured that our HEN cohort was a success.” – Premier Inc.premier_logo_4c_vert_hiRes

StrategyGen successfully provided technical assistance to more than 150 hospitals and health systems in Florida, Louisiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, West Virginia, Wyoming, among others.  We provide training and technical assistance to improve patient safety measures and metrics through training, education, and coaching.  Our clinical teams effectively coordinate with innovative Healthcare Market Research | StrategyGen.comprograms, such as the CMS Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) and the Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) – Quality Innovation Networks (QINs) to disseminate clinical best practices.  StrategyGen is the HIIN Partner to the Indian Health Service (IHS) hospitals.

StrategyGen assists with the implementation of these best practices to develop a culture of patient safety and facilitate healthcare quality improvements across hospitals and health system populations.  We disseminate information on emerging healthcare policy and regulatory compliance best practices for program integrity.

StrategyGen has developed our Quality Improvement Protocols across a variety of regulatory environments including HUD and CMS, federal grantees, hospitals, health systems and health plans, IRS qualified plans, DOE and GE Neutron Devices safety programs.


  • StrategyGen, as Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) since 2011 and a Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) since 2016, has successfully assisted dozens of hospitals and health systems across multiple states to improve measurable patient safety measures and metrics through training, education, and coaching.

  • Specifically, StrategyGen helps reduce specific hospital acquired infections (HAIs) such as CAUTIs, CLABSIs, SSIs, VAPs, other preventable harms such as, VTEs, adverse drug events, injuries from falls, and 30-day readmissions to improve population health.

  • StrategyGen disseminates clinical best practices, assisting with the implementation of these best practices to facilitate healthcare quality improvements across hospitals and health system populations.

  • StrategyGen disseminates information on emerging healthcare policy and regulatory compliance best practices for program integrity.

  • StrategyGen brings the best practices from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), specifically the PDSA (plan-do-study-act) methodology to help providers implement, review, and improve clinical best practices.

  • StrategyGen works with hospital administrators to identify clinical best practices in use, assess gaps in best practices, and deliver tailored quality improvement plans.

  • StrategyGen utilizes our expertise to implement change management, organizational behavior, process improvement, and reliable design methodology and techniques for these facilities.

  • The StrategyGen team, as part of the HEN, has contributed to the reduction HAI and other preventable harms by 17% from baseline measures.

  • StrategyGen works with CMOs and other C-Suite executives to lead the development of a patient safety culture, relying on emerging best practices from hospitals as well as historical best practices from nuclear power and similar zero-tolerance industries.

  • StrategyGen works with facilities to improve targeted process measures and metrics, which they directly control, to drive quality improvement changes in population outcome measures and metrics.

  • StrategyGen is working with a core set of “early adopter” hospitals and health systems to achieve a sustainable reduction of 0% for specific HAIs based on our successful and proven efforts.

  • StrategyGen has extensive health policy, regulatory, business development and market research experience with the nation’s largest health plans, including decades of experience with Florida Blue, Anthem/Wellpoint, and other plans.

  • StrategyGen’s founders led a successful congestive heart failure (CHF) pilot for Florida Blue, working directly with physician offices, significantly reducing ER visits, length of stay for inpatient admissions, and other process and outcome measures.

  • The StrategyGen Team has extensive experience leading the market research function for health plans including physician surveys, consumer focus groups, and on-line panels for strategic planning, product development, pricing, and distribution.


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StrategyGen supports the development and testing of an accurate and reliable core set of measures of patient-centered care for consistent use across the United States.

StrategyGen develops and maintain quality measures using appropriate methodologies and are familiar with the “Measures Management System” used for public reporting and quality programs. Our expert team develops work plans, identifies and recommends measures and metrics to monitor and drive quality improvements including detailed data collection and proposals. We convene technical expert panels to develop collaborative recommendations.


  • Reduced Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Strategies to Deliver Safe Quality Care
  • Integrated Continuum of Care
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Third-Party Performance Surveys
  • Informative Interactive Dashboards
  • Data-Driven Solutions
  • Increased Quality of Care
  • Realized Competitive Advantage
  • Quality Assurance Program and Analysis

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