Chamber of Commerce Will Fight to Change ObamaCare’s Employer Mandate

The head of U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Donohue, vowed Wednesday January 8th 2014 to fight ObamaCare’s so-called employer mandate along with other onerous provisions. Even though the “law’s requirement on mid-sized and large businesses to provide health coverage to workers was delayed by a year, Donohue said the Chamber still plans to lobby against that mandate in 2014.”

Donohue states, “We’re not going to get rid of [the Affordable Care Act] so we’re going to have to find ways to make it work,” Donohue said afterward. “It’s a massive tax bill. It’s a massive rules-and-regulations system. And lots of people are worried about how they are going to get their health care.” The Chamber of Commerce will work on repealing “onerous health care taxes” to help repeal, delay or change the employer mandate. This will hopefully give companies and small business employers more flexibility and options for employee health insurance plans.

Despite what the Obama Administration claims, many businesses are going through a hiring freeze so they do not exceed 50 or more employees. Small businesses are cutting hours and letting go employees because of the new employee health insurance mandates.

The Chamber of Commerce has expressed their concerns about ObamaCare’s many flaws. They even argued problems that go beyond the HealthCare.gov website.

However, Donohue does acknowledge some of the positive aspects ObamaCare brings to the table. Donohue states, “The administration is obviously committed to keeping the law in place, so the Chamber has been working pragmatically to fix those parts of ObamaCare that can be fixed.”



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