C-Suite Executives

At StrategyGen, our goal is to help you make the most out of the uncertain and rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Partnering for Success

StrategyGen is a viable and articulate 8(a) alliance partner to help you meet your small business subcontracting requirements. We have an impeccable performance record as a subcontractor and as a newly certified 8(a) small business, we can partner with you to win set-aside business opportunities. Our team has a proven track record in helping large and small firms compete for business in the federal sector.

Health Care Reform

StrategyGen’s keen insight into health care reform, emerging tax code, the healthcare industry and stakeholders can help your business compete for the growing numbers of business opportunities.

Market Research

The StrategyGen team finds answers to our client’s most pressing questions about the uncertain healthcare market by designing and implementing customized research agendas and synthesizing both primary and secondary market research.

Training and Education

StrategyGen executives speak to business leaders and professionals affiliations on the impact of Program Integrity, efficiency, cost savings, mandates and other compliance decisions you have in front of you that will impact your bottom line.

is an SBA designated 8(a) small business