Hospitals, Health Systems, and Physicians

Hospitals and PhysiciansAt StrategyGen, our goal is to help you make the most of the rapidly changing healthcare market. We watch and track new laws and emerging regulations and interpret them for you into everyday language.

Payment Reform

The StrategyGen team provides recommendations under the emerging regulatory and market environments to optimize your selection of payment reform models, from Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) and other financial risk and reward sharing models.

Quality Improvement

StrategyGen assists with the identification and implementation of evidence-based best practices to improve your quality metrics, with a focus on metrics most likely to optimize medical reimbursement and meet the needs of the expanding market of insured patients.

Market Research

StrategyGen designs and synthesizes primary and secondary Market Research in order to recommend those activities to improve patient compliance and patient satisfaction, two critical areas impacting revenue.

Training and Education

StrategyGen facilitates the adoption of clinical and organizational evidence-based best practices to improve measurable healthcare quality though communication and collaboration with hospital and health system teams from CEOs to physicians and front line staff.

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