Enrollment Falls Short

Obamacare requires a substantial amount of private insurance payers to participate in the government insurance policy in order to successfully fund the remaining uninsured population. The government’s goal is to insure more than half of the current uninsured population in the United States (roughly 24 million or so). To achieved this, the White House has “set a goal of enrolling 7 million people in private insurance plans through the new health insurance exchanges by March 31,2014.”


As of this past Thursday October 24, 2013, “only 700,000 people have applied for insurance plans in both the 36 states that are using a federally run health care exchange and the 14 states running their own exchanges.”


Not all of the people who applied for the government insurance plans will accept the offered policy. Many have reported that the government insurance plans are more expensive while offering fewer services. To make matters more interesting, “those 700,000 applications include Medicaid enrollments.” Unfortunately, “in many of the states operating their own exchanges, new Medicaid enrollees account for more than half of the people who have obtained insurance under Obamacare since October 1”.


But the question is not who is wrong or who is to blame, but rather how do we adapt to our new environment. The world around us continues to change whether we stay behind or not. How do we adjust?






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