Obamacare’s Administrative Fix

President Obama announced he “fumbled” the Obamacare rollout. It has been a month and a half after the website was open and still has not been fixed. After repeatedly telling citizens, “If you like your current health insurance plan, you can keep your health insurance plan”, it was proved to be false. Documents are frequently being released revealing the government knew this was not true from the beginning.

To correct the issue, the Republicans proposed an executive “fix” to help restore the canceled insurance policies. A total of 39 House Democrats voted with the republicans on the fix. CNN reports, “sources on both sides said more would have defected without President Barack Obama’s mea culpa over the mess. As it is, the vote is an embarrassment for the President, but it could have been worse. Another 18 defectors could have given Republicans a veto-proof majority and ammunition to really pressure the Democratic-controlled Senate to take up the measure.”

A large majority of the democrats who defected are under pressure from their constituents are in a tight race in their upcoming elections. Rep. Ron Barber, Democrat in Arizona, states to reporters, “I think any fix that we can make, particularly when a problem arises, is good for the people back home. And look, the truth of the matter is: I’m accountable to the people who sent me here.”

A large majority of Obamacare’s strategy for providing insurance to the uninsured was through the optimistic pooling mix. Unfortunately, the healthier citizens who were dropped from their insurance (because of ACA regulations) are still not signing up for the Obamacare Exchange.

By passing the “administrative fix”, is this helping the problem or simply pulling on the string that will eventually unravel the whole plan into failure?



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