Businessman giving presentationMarket Research and Strategic Planning

The StrategyGen team researches the systematic challenges to evidence-based care and develops strategies and methods to improve its adoption and drive quality outcomes. We develop research agendas to address the challenges associated with the communication and dissemination of evidence-based research findings to various audiences.

StrategyGen’s insider knowledge of the healthcare industry enables us to deliver the primary market research instruments that target the right market segments, asking and answering the right questions for our clients.

We design studies and conduct longitudinal program evaluations from an activity’s inception through various milestones to outcomes, impacts and cost-related analysis. We analyze and synthesize secondary data, literature reviews and meta analyses. Services also include legal and policy analyses, customer satisfaction survey design, and internal management and organizational studies. We can assist with the design and implementation of compliance Marketplace / Exchange eligibility appeals processes.


  • Improved Position In Market
  • Strengthened Competitive Advantage
  • Accurate Market Forecasting
  • Discovered Market Opportunities
  • Customized Strategy Fitting Your Needs
  • Identify and Eliminate Barriers
  • Primary and Secondary Data Analysis
  • Understand Your Market and Patients Needs
  • Systematic Approach to Solve Complex Problems
  • Flexible Strategic Plan for Healthcare Reform
is an SBA designated 8(a) small business