Doctor speaking with patientProcess Evaluation and Optimization

The StrategyGen Team maximizes provides the analysis to maximize efficiency to increase productivity, reduce costs by eliminating waste, and by improving patient outcomes through standardizing care.

StrategyGen analyzes current processes and systems and make recommendations for optimizing your resources to enhance patients flows, workflows, and operations in your acute, ambulatory, and emergent care.

StrategyGen aims to increase your contribution margins to it’s optimal point through application of quantitative analysis in decision making.  We use Operation Research/Management Science (OR/MS) and Total Quality Management (TQM) tools such as Discrete-Event Simulation, Linear/Integer Programming, Monte Carlo simulations, Six Sigma, Queuing Theory, statistical forecasting, aggregate planning, resource allocation planning, risk analysis, lean processing, Economic Order Quantity, inventory management, quality controls and more.


  • Increased Contribution Margins
  • Improved Allocation of Resources
  • Optimized Cash Flow Decisions
  • Improved Accurate Forecasting
  • Elimination of Waste
  • Increased Return on Assets
  • Enhanced Working Capital Ratio
  • Efficient Patient Flow
  • Meet Designated Benchmarks
  • Maximized Productivity
is an SBA designated 8(a) small business