Our Commitment to Policy and Quality Research

“I believe that one of the things that differentiates StrategyGen 8(a) is our commitment to research on new health care delivery and financing models and the dissemination of our research in scholarly journals and policy briefs.  Our team’s peer-reviewed research provides StrategyGen with the perspective that others don’t see and brings credibility to our work.”

Dr. Rob Haley, PhD, MBA, MHS, StrategyGen 8(a) Co-Founder and Principal


StrategyGen 8(a) has a strong commitment to policy and research that improves the quality, access, and value of health care.  The world oYoung Doctors Smilingf healthcare involves disruptive changes that requires individuals, teams, and organizations to remain responsive and agile.

A specific system, process, or tactic that may have worked yesterday, may not work today or in the future. This is why it is important to research industry trends and to be quick to influence policy and adapt.

To remain flexible and adaptive in these turbulent times, StrategyGen encourages all of our team members to be constantly involved in continuing education and thought leadership.

The StrategyGen team is consistently involved in our healthcare communities, expanding our knowledge with best practices, and conducting research that influences the development of health policy to improve the quality of patient care.

is an SBA designated 8(a) small business