Will The Individual Mandate Deadline Be Pushed Back?

Obamacare’s HealthCare.gov website has been up for almost an entire month, but still have very little to show for. President Barack Obama is still sticking to the story that he was aware there would be a few technical glitches, but the amount of problems so far is just unacceptable. With the website still creating a barrier for others to sign up, many have asked to push back the “sign-up” deadlines by as much as six weeks.

The law states “individuals are expected to be insured by March 31st to avoid a financial penalty”. But under the prospective change, many are requesting to only “have started enrollment by March 31st.

Democratic senators such as Joe Manchin, Jeanne Shaheen, and Mark Pryor have suggested pushing back the deadline even as late as one year. The most popular request was from Republican Senator Marco Rubio, FL, asking to “delay the individual mandate penalty until six months after the Government Accountability Office certifies that the problem-plagued health care website is working”.

As for now, we are uncertain what the government has planned for adjusting to the new Healthcare.gov’s website. The question is, “what does the government have planned next?”



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