Regulatory & Policy Assistance

  1. Promulgation of Rules and Regulations
  2. Provides Answers to Multidimensional Problems
  3. Shapes Informed Policy-Based Responses
  4. Offers Solid Solutions for Government Leaders

Quality-Driven Cost Improvement

  1. Reduced Hospital Acquired Infections
  2. Results in Significant Cost Reductions and Savings
  3. Increased Patient and Provider Satisfaction
  4. Targeted Measures and Metrics

Research, Evaluation & Data Analytics

  1. Improved Market Position and Profitability
  2. Strengthened Competitive Advantage
  3. Provides Accurate Market Forecasting
  4. Systematic Approach to Solve Complex Problems

Education & Technical Assistance

  1. Development of Team Leaders
  2. Increased Department Productivity
  3. In-Person and Web-Based Training Programs
  4. Continuing Education Programs

Compliance & Auditing

  1. Compliance Review Strategy Development
  2. Specialized Reviews and Assessments
  3. Audit Process Support
  4. Web Audit Process Support

StrategyGen is committed to improving the health of healthcare through innovative strategies and solutions.


StrategyGen is a unique and differentiated HUBZone small business that provides highly specialized policy and regulatory specialists, market researchers, healthcare professionals, physicians, clinicians, and SME PhD's. We leverage this diverse knowledge base to deliver a range of solutions, including Regulatory Assistance, Compliance, Evaluation, Quality Improvement, Advanced Data Analytics, Research, and Technical Assistance, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

StrategyGen as earned a reputation as a reliable and dependable partner to federal agencies, state governments, and commercial organizations

Our expert consultants are skilled in:

Our team of federal and state regulatory and policy experts carefully analyze and develop proposed and final rules, and other regulatory materials, to ensure effective policy-based and public responses.


StrategyGen bridges the gap between applicable laws, regulations, and standards and organizational guidelines, processes, programs, and actions.


We use our proven LEAN/Six Sigma capabilities to identify quality and cost improvements that maximize resources and measurably improve outcomes.


Our researchers, statisticians, and data analysts translate complex primary and secondary data into effective actionable, data-driven solutions to complex problems.

We leverage over 30 years of higher-education, evaluation, and employee training experience to create in-person, web-based, and remote training opportunities to achieve program goals and competencies.


StrategyGen's Clients and Partners

Why Choose StrategyGen?

StrategyGen's vast experience in both industry and government sets us apart, enabling us to offer our clients unparalleled knowledge in solving our client's most complex issues. StrategyGen's capabilities extend across a range of industries, including healthcare, education, housing, and defense.


Linda Nottingham

Facilitator, GrowFL, the Florida Economic Initiative at the University of Central Florida.

“The StrategyGen team facilitated a dynamic discussion of the regulatory health care environment and its tax implications for small business owners. Their ability to explain complex concepts in plain English was impressive.”

William Bruno

Vice President, KANTAR TNSGlobal Research.

“StrategyGen’s team provides unique value in applying its world class knowledge and thoughtful leadership for market research pertaining to health care reform. They bring experience to contract performance that far surpasses expectations, and recommendations that substantially improves business performance.”

Emily Bartlett

Principal, Engagement & Delivery, Premier Inc.

"StrategyGen is a reliable contractor with an industry insider’s understanding of the dynamic healthcare and regulatory environment. This is a company you can rely on to meet and exceed contract requirements. StrategyGen is a long-term partner that we can rely on to always get the job done."

Richelle Seavy

President, RS Marketing Services

“The StrategyGen team is are exceptionally knowledgeable about project management and successful implementation strategies. They developed work plans, convened technical experts, facilitated collaboration, and ensured completion of deliverables on schedule. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.”

Linda Nottingham

Facilitator, GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Initiative at the University of Central Florida.

“The StrategyGen team facilitated a dynamic discussion of health care reform and its tax implications for small business owners. Their ability to explain complex concepts in plain English was impressive.”

Monica Barrington

Vice President, Engagement and Delivery, Premier Inc.

“When I think of the impact StrategyGen has had on so many patient lives across the nation – I am amazed!”