StrategyGen's Capabilities

StrategyGen's Capabilities

Empowering Decisions with Precision and Insight

At StrategyGen, we are dedicated to helping our clients solve their complex problems by providing advanced and distinctive capabilities in areas such as policy, regulatory compliance, quality and cost improvement, data analytics, market research, education, and technical assistance.

Our proven track record of successful engagements is evidenced by the satisfaction of our customers, the retention of contracts, and the award of new services.


Regulatory, Policy and Compliance Capabilities

Regulatory and Policy Environmental Research: StrategyGen conducts environmental scans, integrates primary research and literature reviews, and evaluates and recommends policy alternatives that inform regulatory and sub-regulatory environments.

Technical Assistance, Rules, and Regulations: StrategyGen develops Proposed and Final Rules and other regulatory materials for publication in the Federal Register, including the public comment policy-based responses.

Compliance: StrategyGen bridges the gap between applicable laws, regulations, and standards and organizational guidelines, processes, programs, and actions.



  • Promulgation of Rules and Regulations

  • Answers to Complex and Multidimensional Problems

  • Research That Leads to Innovative Ideas

  • Provides Solid Solutions for Government Leaders

  • Offers an In-Depth Understanding of Diverse Perspectives

  • Shapes Informed Policy-Based Responses

  • Provides Fact-Based Regulatory and Policy Alternatives

  • Provides Evidence-Based Approaches

  • Results in Sound and Actionable Recommendations

  • Connects Research, Education and Outcomes

Research and Evaluation Capabilities

Primary Research: StrategyGen designs discussion guides and other survey instruments for customized research, tailored to the needs and opportunities of each client.

Data Analytics: StrategyGen analyzes industry survey data to identify statistically significant trends and other opportunities resulting in actionable recommendations.

Measures and Metrics: StrategyGen assists stakeholders in identifying critical quality and process improvement measures and metrics including the post implementation data analysis.



  • Improved Market Position and Profitability

  • Strengthened Competitive Advantage

  • Accurate Market Forecasting

  • Discovered Market Opportunities

  • Customized Strategy Fitting Your Needs

  • Identify and Eliminate Barriers

  • Primary and Secondary Data Analysis

  • Understand Your Market  and Patient Needs

  • Systematic Approach to Solve Complex Problems

  • Flexible Strategic Plan for Healthcare Change

Quality Improvement

Quality-Driven Cost Improvements: StrategyGen has a demonstrated track record of advancing quality improvements, including quality-driven cost improvements, integrating statistical and data analytics.

Technical Assistance: StrategyGen works with a range of stakeholders including grantees to implement evidence-based best practices, targeting and achieving specific outcome measures.



  • Reduced Hospital Acquired Infections

  • Significant Cost Reductions and Savings

  • Increased Patient and Provider Satisfaction

  • Integrated Continuum of Care

  • Targeted Measures and Metrics

  • Data-Driven Solutions

  • Measurably Improved Quality of Care

  • Realized Competitive Advantage

  • Quality Assurance Programs and Analysis

  • Clinical Compliance

Education and Training

Communication and Training: StrategyGen disseminates evidence-based best practices to C-suite executives, providers, other Federal grantees, and communities integrating our Stakeholder Engagement best practices.




  • Development of Clinical and Administrative Leaders

  • Successful Training Programs

  • Increased Department Productivity

  • Continuing Education Programs

  • Coordinated Team Building

  • Optimized Potential Market Share

  • Increased Reimbursement Revenue

  • Improved Quality and Patient Safety

  • Expanded Eligible Services

  • Identified Strategic Investment Opportunities