StrategyGen's Capabilities

StrategyGen's Capabilities

StrategyGen is committed to solving our client's complex problems by providing advanced and differentiated capabilities in policy, regulatory, quality and cost improvement, data analytics, market research, education and technical assistance.

We have a long history of successful engagements on behalf of our clients – measured by customers satisfied, contracts retained, and new services awarded.


Regulatory and Policy Capabilities

StrategyGen has a track record of conducting environmental scans and integrating primary research and literature reviews to evaluate and recommend policy alternatives.

We develop proposed and final rules and other regulatory materials for publication in the Federal Register. This includes responding to public comments with policy-based responses for HHS, HUD and ED.




  • Promulgation of Rules and Regulations

  • Answers to Complex and Multidimensional Problems

  • Research That Leads to Innovative Ideas

  • Provides Solid Solutions for Government Leaders

  • Offers an In-Depth Understanding of Diverse Perspectives

  • Shapes Informed Policy-Based Responses

  • Provides Fact-Based Regulatory and Policy Alternatives

  • Provides Evidence-Based Approaches

  • Results in Sound and Actionable Recommendations

  • Connects Research, Education and Outcomes

Compliance and Auditing Capabilities

StrategyGen bridges the gap between applicable laws, regulations, and standards and organizational guidelines, processes, programs, and actions.

We review, analyze, plan, execute, and provide technical support for compliance reviews and adherence to pertinent laws and regulations.

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  • Deep policy and regulatory expertise

  • Insights of opportunities related to compliance as well as challenges

  • Views of compliance from perspectives of regulators as well as organizations seeking conformance to regulations

  • Experience with compliance review strategy, protocols, reports, and operating procedures

  • Audit and enforcement proficiency

  • Knowledge of current laws as well as organizational management

  • Tools and techniques to streamline processes and activities

  • Proven reporting methodologies including report templates

  • Quality control plans, processes, and procedures

  • Monitoring approaches including measures and metrics to enhance continuous improvement of compliance functions

Quality and Cost-Improvement Capabilities

StrategyGen works with hospitals, health systems, and providers to implement evidence-based best practices, targeting specific process and outcome measures. We support the development and testing of accurate and reliable core sets of measures of patient-centered care for consistent use across the United States.


StrategyGen's clinical team develops work plans, identifies targeted measures and metrics, and conducts detailed data collection to drive quality and cost improvements. We convene technical expert panels of providers and thought leaders to develop collaborative recommendations.



  • Reduced Hospital Acquired Infections

  • Significant Cost Reductions and Savings

  • Increased Patient and Provider Satisfaction

  • Integrated Continuum of Care

  • Targeted Measures and Metrics

  • Data-Driven Solutions

  • Measurably Improved Quality of Care

  • Realized Competitive Advantage

  • Quality Assurance Programs and Analysis

  • Clinical Compliance

Research, Evaluation and Data Analytics Capabilities

StrategyGen has a demonstrated track record of advancing research and evaluation, including data-driven research, integrating statistical and data analytics

We design research and evaluation studies that include literature reviews, survey development, respondent identification and recruitment, focus group facilitation, research analysis. We analyze and synthesize primary and secondary data and identify actionable recommendations.



  • Improved Market Position and Profitability

  • Strengthened Competitive Advantage

  • Accurate Market Forecasting

  • Discovered Market Opportunities

  • Customized Strategy Fitting Your Needs

  • Identify and Eliminate Barriers

  • Primary and Secondary Data Analysis

  • Understand Your Market  and Patient Needs

  • Systematic Approach to Solve Complex Problems

  • Flexible Strategic Plan for Healthcare Change

Education and Technical Assistance

StrategyGen develops course curriculum for a variety of learners, including HUD discretionary grantees, federal employees and clinicians. We disseminate evidence-based clinical best practices to C-Suite executives, physicians, and clinicians.

Our clinical and academic teams develop and implement customized training, education and certification programs on a range of subjects, such as COVID Compliance, patient and family engagement, clinical guidelines, and reliable design.




  • Development of Clinical/Administrative Leaders

  • Successful Training Programs

  • Increased Department Productivity

  • Continuing Education Programs

  • Coordinated Team Building

  • Optimized Potential Market Share

  • Increased Reimbursement Revenue

  • Improved Quality and Patient Safety

  • Expanded Eligible Services

  • Identified Strategic Investment Opportunities