Contract Vehicles and Select Projects

Contract Vehicles and Select Projects

Empowering Decisions with Precision and Insight

StrategyGen’s expertise extends beyond our core market areas. StrategyGen provides thought-leadership and research on a variety of topics, such as program integrity models, quality-based metric measures, and regulatory strategies.

StrategyGen’s  Project Management, Quality of Deliverables, and Agility have received the highest Exceptional evaluations on our Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPARS) evaluations.


StrategyGen has a DCAA Government Approved Accounting System

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StrategyGen is a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) / Federal Supply Schedule Contract Holder

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HHS Administration of Community Living (ACL) for Functional Areas 2 and 4 IDIQ Subcontractor

AOA/ACL provides funding to states to support the provision of home and community-based services to older adults through local area agencies on aging (AAA), such as home delivered meals, homemaker assistance, caregiver supports, and whatever else it may take to make independent living a viable option. By making a range of supports available, AAAs make it possible for older individuals to choose the services and living arrangements that suit them best. for Functional Area 2 focused on Data Analysis and Statistical Projects and Functional Area 4 focused on Technical Assistance and Training Projects.

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration Short Term Research & Evaluation Studies BPA Subcontractor


StrategyGen is assisting with the Social Security Administration's Office Retirement and Disability Policy (ORDP) in its research and evaluation efforts associated with Old-Age Survivors & Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, and related programs. These policy research studies and evaluation assessments will assist the ORDP in providing SSA with the necessary expertise to produce high quality, credible, independent, and objective assessments of policy options facing the agency.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) IDIQ (StrategyGen - Prime Contractor)

StrategyGen was awarded the SAMHSA IDIQ to provide services, including: 

  • Policy analysis assessments of  policy issues and current trends including to local, state, national, and international mental health and substance abuse policy;  
  • Analysis of emerging strategies to address disparities in behavioral health access, quality and outcomes for age–specific, racial, ethnic, tribal, sexual, and gender minority populations;
  • Research of federal and state health parity reform efforts;
  • Financing of evidenced-based care in behavioral healthcare systems;
  • Clinical and medical programs, practices and research;
  • Medical and scientific policy questions with a specific emphasis on emerging issues;
  • Utilization rates; and effective practices related to pharmacotherpeutics and medical devices that improve behavioral health outcomes.
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CMS CCIIO Marketplace Plan Management Compliance Reviews (MPMCR) (StrategyGen - Prime Contractor)


StrategyGen is supporting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide Marketplace Plan Management Compliance Reviews (MPMCR). The purpose of this initiative is to conduct various types of Compliance Reviews of health insurance issuers. These reviews are required by CMS' Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO), in support of the health insurance Exchanges as required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

StrategyGen performs:

  • Compliance Review Strategy, Reviews Protocols and Reports and SOPs
  • Specialized Reviews of Renewal, Discontinuation, and Risk Assessment and Compliance Review Findings
  • Qualified Health Plan Issuer Compliance
  • Direct-Enrollment Entity Compliance
  • Targeted and Expedited Issuer Compliance
  • Web Audit Process Support
  • Agent and Broker Agency Audit Process.

U.S. Department of Education Regulatory Impact Analysis (StrategyGen - Prime Contractor)

Supporting ED Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE), Policy, Planning, and Innovation (PPI) in all phases of activities to analyze, draft Proposed and Final Rules, and summarize public comments

  • StrategyGen is supporting the Department of Education to develop four regulatory packages annually that relate to postsecondary education and federal student aid.
  • StrategyGen is providing regulatory support services by developing regulatory impact analyses which include economic impact estimation, literature reviews, Regulatory Flexibly Act (RFA) applicability, Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) packages, and data analyses to make recommendations for proposed and final rules.
  • StrategyGen is reviewing, analyzing, and summarizing public comments for high priority regulations published on the Federal Register and utilizing comment processing artificial intelligence (AI) to review public comments in the excess of 10,000 submitted comments.

Department of Defense (DoD) Health Care Integration (StrategyGen - Prime Contract)

Developing, implementing, and evaluating care and disease management programs based on identified needs of the managed beneficiary populations to improve patient care.

  • StrategyGen collects and analyzes population-based data to identify, recommend, and implement interventions and programs to improve clinical outcomes, reduce morbidity, and facilitate patients receiving comprehensive, coordinated high-quality care in a cost-effective manner.
  • We research and develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in collaboration with providers and other multidisciplinary team members to reduce variances in treatment and improve clinical outcomes.
  • StrategyGen consults and collaborates with stakeholders to deliver consistent health teaching, counseling, guidance, and instruction to staff, patients, and families to enhance comprehensive and appropriate coordination of care and services.
  • We identify, review and evaluate metrics and other tools, including Military Health System Population Health Portal (MHSPHP) and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) data to evaluate and continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery systems and support improved outcomes.

AHRQ Accelerating Change and Transformation in Organizations and Networks 4 (ACTION 4) IDIQ Subcontractor

  • ACTION 4 is the fourth generation of an AHRQ-wide contracting mechanism that supports field-based delivery system research. ACTION projects conduct and study the development and testing of interventions designed to improve care delivery, and the dissemination and implementation of successful care delivery models in diverse care settings.

  • ACTION 4 research is conducted by 14 large partnerships that were selected competitively to collaborate with AHRQ via individual task order contracts. Together, the 14 ACTION 4 partnerships are composed of more than 300 member organizations that combine:

    • Nationally recognized research and clinical expertise.
    • Broad experience with quality improvement and implementation of evidence.
    • Informed and engaged stakeholders.
    • Access to sites in which to implement new delivery models.
    • Highly motivated health professionals ever seeking new ways to provide the highest quality care to the patients they serve.

Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) Performance Improvement Support Services IDIQ Subcontractor

Provides services and resources for performance and process improvement that focus on improving patient access, quality of care, and cost through improved efficiencies of “current state” resources in support to the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery at its headquarters and medical treatment facility locations. Services are meant to help the military branch’s bureau of medicine and surgery enhance patient access and quality of care through performance and process improvement.

New Technology Addon Payment (NTAP) Subcontraor

StrategyGen supports CMS by providing support for New Technology Addon Payments (NTAP) applications for the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) annual regulations.

  • StrategyGen manages NTAP applications as well as reviewing other submitted applications for the Proposed and Final Rules.
  • StrategyGen's team performs research to verify the accuracy and completeness of the applicants’ data, information, language, coding, and cost analysis reviews the coding of NTAP applications and identifies areas where applicant analyses may overestimate or underestimate impacts.​
  • StrategyGen prepares and finalizes full write-ups for Proposed Rules and Final Rules for publication in the Federal Register.
  • Our write-ups include a description each new technology, its FDA status, coding and MS-DRG assignment, and ability to meet CMS criteria regarding cost, newness, and substantial clinical improvement, and recommendation regarding if the new technology qualifies for additional payments.
  • StrategyGen reviews and responds to OGC and OMB comments as well as providing public comment support for the IPPS Final Rules.

NIH Path To Excellence and Innovation (PEI) Subcontractor

StrategyGen supports NIH to assess the NIH PEI 2.0 Initiative by evaluating the skills, knowledge, and assistance being provided to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in the Initiative and provide recommendations on how to increase the number of contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements awarded to HBCUs.

  • StrategyGen evaluates the PEI HBCU Teams’ capabilities and provide the guidance necessary to pursue opportunities that relate to biomedical research and other activities central to the NIH public health mission.
  • StrategyGen reviews Federal programs and activities and key components identified for fostering contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and stem programs (internships, fellowship, student employment, etc. with HBCUs).
  • StrategyGen evaluates organized outreach and training activities, conducted Initiative research, developed acquisition curriculum, and facilitated teaming arrangements.
  • StrategyGen reviews existing HBCU Executive Orders, developed benchmark evaluation sources, known impediments and barriers, OMB HBCU directives, legislative HBCU initiatives, and public policy related to HBCUs.
  • StrategyGen  will then provide recommendations to the NIH based on our program evaluation.

CMS CPI Change Request Support Services Subcontractor

Facilitates Center for Program Integrity (CPI) stakeholders’ activities for change request planning and deployment on the Change Request Support Services contract.

  • StrategyGen supports the design, development, analysis, and implementation of system and software application changes.
  • StrategyGen gathers, reviews, edits, and summarizes requirements, specifications, and business processes, and delivers recommendations incorporating appropriate quality assurance activities.
  • We facilitate change request management by analyzing and evaluating existing and proposed changes based on needs and requirements.
  • StrategyGen conducts Analysis and Design workshops with CMS CPI and change request stakeholders and facilitates support meetings with CMS utilizing collaborative techniques.
  • We perform the project planning and documentation and manage correspondence related to change requests.


HRSA Evaluation Studies IDIQ Subcontractor

StrategyGen supports the HRSA Evaluation Studies IDIQ

  • The overall purpose of the HRSA Evaluation Studies IDIQ is to assist the organization with a variety of evaluation-related activities.
  • The types of activities are organized into three (3) Domains. Activities within Domain 1 may include: (1) assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of HRSA-supported programs-operations, outcomes, and performance; and (2) analysis of contextual/policy issues which may impact the effectiveness of HRSA-supported activities.
  • Activities within Domain 2 include: (1) determining and strengthening capacity for health and public health-related evaluation both within HRSA and among its programs/grantees and (2) providing technical assistance and training to build evaluation capacity among HRSA programs and HRSA staff to enhance both the ability of programs to conduct evaluation and the ability/capacity of HRSA to conduct evaluations on its programs.
  • Activities within Domain 3 include: 1) assessing and developing evaluation-related IT data systems both within HRSA and among its programs/grantees; 2) developing professionally-validated data linking algorithms to support program evaluation; and 3) information technology capacity development to support evaluation-related activities among small and medium sized public health organizations serving HRSA program/grant clients and/or program/grant areas.

Measure and Instrument Development and Support (MIDS) IDIQ Subcontractor

  • The CMS Measure and Instrument Development and Support (MIDS) program supports projects to develop, test, refine, revise, maintain, and implement quality of care measures for CMS programs.
  • These programs include public quality reporting on individual health care providers, which helps patients and their families choose high-quality providers, as well as value-based purchasing, where CMS links how much health care payments to quality.
  • This rapidly growing area of requires substantial expertise because it has potentially significant implications for both individual patients and health care providers, but also for public policy and the quality and efficiency of health care in the U.S.

GSA OASIS - Small Business Pool 1 and 3 Subcontractor

StrategyGen supports the GSA OASIS – Small Business (OASIS SB).

  • This is designed to address agencies’ need for a full range of service requirements that integrate multiple professional service disciplines and ancillary services/products.
  • It provides with the flexibility for all contract types and pricing at the task order level.
  • OASIS is Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) available for use by all federal agencies.

Provider Enrollment and Oversight (PEO) IDIQ Subcontractor

  • StrategyGen conducts quality audits of 40% of national cases that are referred to CMS for a provider revocation.
  • StrategyGen will conduct quality reviews on multiple case types including Continuous Criminal Monitoring (CCM) Felonies, National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES), Medicare Exclusion Database (MED), License Continuous Monitoring (LCM), and National License Monitoring (NLM) cases.
  • StrategyGen utilized CMS systems such as Advanced Provider Screening (APS); Medicare Exclusion Database (MED); Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS); Unified Case Management (UCM); Data Exchange System (DEX); Integrated Data Repository (IDR); and other systems such as CLEAR for identify verification.
  • StrategyGen developed the Quality Control Plan (QCP) to ensure services are performed in accordance with the IDIQ contract and SOW. StrategyGen will do internal quality control auditing on non-actionable cases, assist with developing quality control reporting and assist with implementing quality improvement strategies to facilitate an efficacious and accurate case review process.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of the General Council (OGC), Rulemaking Support Project Services Subcontractor

Assisted the Department of Education HUD Office of Legislation and Regulations to promulgate regulations by reviewing and summarizing submitted public comments for proposed rules.

  • StrategyGen successfully provided regulatory support services to our prime contractor by reviewing, analyzing, and summarizing public comments for high priority regulations published on the Federal Register. Our team reviewed over 30,000 public comments in a single Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) cycle.
  • We reviewed the proposed rules along with any supplemental supporting documentation and public comments submitted by major stakeholders to develop issue matrices.
  • Our team utilized the issue matrix to bucket similar comments and begin the comment review process. StrategyGen then succulently summarized all comments to develop a qualitative report that will be published on the Federal Register along with HUD’s responses.
  • StrategyGen is supporting our prime by helping refine and program their comment processing artificial intelligence (AI).

Department of Veteran's Affiars - We Honor Our Veterans Market Research Subcontractor

Market Research with Vietnam Veterans

Leading primary research study with Vietnam Veterans to develop a deeper understanding of their unique expectations and needs from Hospice care in order to inform new care and communication protocols.

  • Led the detailed planning and execution of market research that included conducting interviews with Hospice nurses currently caring for Vietnam veterans, Vietnam veterans entering end of life care with Hospice, and family members and care givers of Vietnam veterans who were under Hospice care.
  • Interviews enabled the understanding of the complete care experience and identification of opportunities to create an experience more aligned with the desires and priorities of veterans.
  • Analysis of findings provided deeper insights into the intricacies associated with Hospice care for Vietnam Veterans.
  • Supporting the development of a final report, outlining critical findings and providing lessons learned and actionable recommendations to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

CMS Direct Practice Expense Inputs (DPEI) Market Research for the Physician Fee Schedule (StrategyGen – Prime Contractor)

Provided CMS Hospital and Ambulatory Group with well-researched data and analysis to update pricing for all medical supplies and equipment, driving all provider reimbursements.

  • Delivered the detailed market research and plan that included primary and secondary market research to update the direct physician expenses for the Physician Fee Schedule medical supplies and equipment.
  • Conducted extensive secondary market research online to include data readily available to the public, i.e. GSA Advantage, Amazon and Cardinal Health, as well as provider benchmark databases.
  • Conducted primary market research surveying vendors and facilitated discussions with a physician panel and other health purchasing and policy experts.
  • Our research was designed to update expenses and to better understand different contract vehicles vendors use for different levels discounts and how provider size drives discounts in unexpected ways.
  • In addition to the updated data which CMS is publishing in proposed rules,
  • StrategyGen delivered a market research report, which HAPG is also publishing on the CMS website.
  • StrategyGen responded to hundreds of comments before the end of the calendar year.

CMS Direct Coding Support Services, Recommended updates to CMS for ICD-10, FISS, MS-DRG, IPPS, and MCE systems, required publication in the Federal Register. (StrategyGen – Prime Contractor)

  • StrategyGen provided clinical and coding expertise to update reimbursement systems from the ICD-10, FISS, MS-DRG, IPPS, and MCE systems.
  • Our team provides direct support in the preparation of proposed and final regulatory materials for publication in the Federal Register, including assistance with response to public comments.
  • Our team supported the Comprehensive Analysis of the complications and comorbidities, a critical component of CMS’ work.
  • The collaboration between the CMS team, other subcontractors, and StrategyGen has been in depth and provided quality discussions, that resulted in our lead physician becoming a leading, go-to resource for Hospital and Ambulatory Group (HAPG).
  • StrategyGen engaged Palmetto GBA as a subcontractor to collaborate on the key task of reviewing coverage edits in the ICD-10 MCE that overlap with existing fiscal intermediary FISS edits for National Coverage Determinations.
  • CMS initiated discussions to have the StrategyGen team engage in a process improvement initiative for a critical CMS process that reviews public documents.

HUD Grant Evaluation, Performance, Monitoring, Reporting, and Support Services IDIQ (StrategyGen – Prime Contractor)

Assisted HUD Offices of Strategic Planning and Grant Management Office to define a consistent set of measures and metrics to enable data analysis across different grants  and thousands of grantees.

Task Orders:

  • Grant Data Collection and Analysis for the Federal Register
  • Recommended measures and metrics for new grants and developed the materials to support proposed rules and comments. 
  • Grant Model Support and Technical Assistance
  • Delivered GAO mandated training for existing data reporting tools.
  • Standards for Success Pilot
  • Designed Pilot to test the viability of new data requirements.  Led the training and other technical assistance to grantees via live webinars, CBTs, teleconferences, written manual, and other reference materials.

           Standards for Success is operational today.

HIIN: Health Improvement and Innovation Networks HEN 2.0: Hospital Engagement Network HEN: Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Network Subcontractor

  • StrategyGen successfully provided technical assistance to more than 150 hospitals and health systems in 10 states to improve the quality of care and reduce waste.
  • We coordinated with innovative programs, such as the CMS Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) and the Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) – Quality Innovation Networks (QINs) to disseminate clinical best practices.
  • StrategyGen analyzed quality measures and metrics to identify and implement patient safety and clinical best practices driving better health outcomes and mitigated waste in integrated delivery systems across the United States.
  • StrategyGen was nationally recognized for achieving a 10% reduction in readmissions, a 20% reduction in Surgical Site Infections (SSIs), Airway Safety, and reducing the incidence of C. difficile, Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) Rates, Standardized Infection Rates (SIRs), Opioid-Related Events, and Venous Thromboembolism (VTE).
  • We serve as a HIIN Partner to the Indian Health Service (IHS) hospitals, specializing in improving the quality of care for rural and underserved populations.