About Us

About Us

StrategyGen was founded in 2009 and entered the SBA business development program in 2013. We are a small business administration (SBA) designated 8(a) certified, woman-owned small business (WOSB) and economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business (EDWOSB).

StrategyGen’s Primary NAICS codes include:

  • 541611
  • 518210
  • 524292
  • 524298
  • 541219
  • 541511
  • 541512
  • 541519
  • 541612
  • 541613
  • 541614
  • 541618
  • 541690
  • 541720
  • 541910
  • 541990
  • 561110
  • 611430
  • 611710


To improve the health of healthcare through innovative strategies and solutions.


To redefine healthcare through quality driven cost improvements and positive health outcomes with services in:

  • Quality-Driven Cost Improvement

  • Technical Assistance,

  • Health Policy and Regulatory Assistance,

  • Market Research and Data Analytics.


  • Act with the highest integrity and ethics.

  • Focus on collaboration.

  • Create long-term partnerships and relationships.

  • Approach change as an exciting opportunity.

  • Provide the customer with deliverables of the highest quality.

  • Be proactive and exceed expectations.

  • Respect and value others.

  • Accept responsibility.

  • Lead with care, compassion, and empathy.

Our Experience

StrategyGen specializes in leading the design, implementation, education, training, and technical assistance for quality improvement initiatives for Federal Government 8(a) Prime contracts, Government Non-8(a) contracts, and commercial clients. Our vast experience has enabled us to implement successful and actionable recommendations to business and government leaders on a variety of strategic and policy initiatives.

StrategyGen’s project management, quality, deliverables and agility received the highest Exceptional Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPARS) evaluations.

The StrategyGen team provides technical assistance and training to both our private business and government sector clients, including:

  • Quality-Driven Cost Improvement

  • Technical Assistance

  • Health Policy and Regulatory Assistance

  • Market Research and Data Analytics

What all of this means for you is that we always get the job done on time, within the set budget, and with exceptional quality.

Our Team

JD- Principal and CEO
Ms. Killen is a health law strategist and professional statistician. She co-founded StrategyGen in 2009 to support clients’ successful implementation of emerging healthcare regulations. Prior to establishing StrategyGen, she spent over a decade with BlueCross plans and their subsidiaries where she led the strategic planning, business development, research and development (R&D). As a health law attorney, Marsha represented Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. As a professional statistician, she has both quality improvement and market research experience. Marsha has over 25 years of successful management and leadership experience in strategic planning, quality improvement, health system and hospital planning, and modeling of complex health systems.
Rob Haley Headshot-edited2
Principal and Executive Vice President
Dr. Rob Haley, PhD, MBA, MHS co-founded StrategyGen in 2009. Prior to establishing StrategyGen, he served as Senior Director of Market Research with FloridaBlue where he identified differentiated insights and implemented highly innovative and industry-leading capabilities, products and services.

Dr. Haley serves as a tenured Professor at the University of North Florida’s (UNF) Brooks College of Health Department of Public Health. He is a J. William Fulbright Senior Specialist in Global and Public Health and an international scholar. His research is focused on innovative financial and quality improvement delivery models of care.

The StrategyGen Team

Andaleeb Ahmed, MS

Market Researcher, Healthcare Lead

Andaleeb Ahmed, MS is StrategyGen's Lead Market Researcher with over 15 years of healthcare industry and therapeutic market research experience. She has extensive project management and analytical research experience with large and complex initiatives.

Andaleeb's research experience includes therapeutic areas including pain management, respiratory, sleep management, orthopedics, sports medicine, biomaterials and market research on hospital equipment and medical supplies.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Market Research

  • Data Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Planning and Scheduling

  • Market Trends and Analysis

  • SPSS

  • Tableau

Benjamin Schilling, MA

Business & Health Data Analyst

Ben Schilling, MA, is StrategyGen’s Data Analyst and has his roots in economics and statistics. Prior to entering the healthcare industry, he conducted empirical research for Central Michigan University involving economics, finance, and public policy.

Ben has a keen eye for data analytics and works to give numbers a greater meaning to stakeholders by turning raw data into business intelligence.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Data Analysis

  • Research and Documentation

  • Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

  • Econometric Analysis

  • Statistics and Statistical Programming

  • Public Policy Analysis

Strategic Business Leader

Bridget Booth, MBA is an award-winning strategist with expertise in new ventures, partnerships and programs that drive revenue growth and sustained profitability. With over two decades of experience in Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, her work focused on leading teams through creative conceptual thinking, business plan development, forming and managing partnerships and performance management has been recognized by Harvard Business Review and in the book, Strategic Alliances. Bridget’s broad experience includes general management, strategic and tactical planning, marketing, and e-commerce in various industries.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Alliance management

  • Supplier Relationships

  • Strategic investments

  • Business plan development

  • Portfolio management

  • Corporate governance

  • New initiative integration

  • Risk mitigation

  • Diversity and cultural competence

Catherine Michels, RN, MSN

Clinical Quality Improvement Senior Leader

Catherine Yockey, RN, MSN is a top-performing Quality Improvement Senior Lead with over 30 years experience in process improvement, patient care, and evidence-based practices. She helps clients by using her advanced analytic skills and her ability to use data to drive improvement activities. She works with healthcare administrators, board members, physicians, bedside clinicians and allied health professionals to create a culture of patient safety and measurable results.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Quality improvement methodologies

  • Evidence-based clinical practices

  • Patient and family engagement

  • Healthcare disparities

  • Hospital acquired infections

  • Healthcare leadership

  • Data analysis

  • Healthcare assessments

  • Process improvement technical assistance

Chief Medical Advisor and Consultant

Dr. Shyam Paryani, M.D., M.S., M.H.A., F.A.C.R.O is a board certified in radiation oncology and was inducted as a fellow of the American College of Radiation Oncology in 2000. He is an assistant professor of oncology at Mayo Clinic and an assistant professor in health administration at the University of North Florida. Dr. Paryani serves as StrategyGen‘s Chief Medical Advisor and Consultant providing consulting services for ICD-10 coding, medical supply and equipment pricing, and clinical quality improvement.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Oncology

  • Quality Management in Healthcare

  • Medical Billing & Coding

  • Health Policy in Insurance Reform

  • Medical Practice Management

  • Dental Practice Management

  • Brachytherapy

  • Radiation Physics and Safety

  • Health Technology

Janet Keller, CPC, RH-CBS

Senior Healthcare Coding and Billing Specialist

Janet Keller, CPC, RH-CBS is StrategyGen‘s Senior Healthcare Coding and Billing Specialist and is a leading expert on CPT, ICD 9 and 10, and HCPCS codes. Janet is a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders, a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), and also holds the certification of Rural Health-Coding Billing Specialist. Janet has extensive experience working with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide comprehensive analysis of ICD 10 codes.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • CPT

  • ICD 9/10


  • 3M Encoder

  • CPSI

  • NextGen

Jasper Xu, PhD, MHA, CHFP

Chief Biostatistician and Senior Data Analyst

Dr. Jing (Jasper) Xu earned his doctoral degree in statistics from Univeristy of Georgia, where he improved the model fitting and convergence for semiparametric zero-inflated regression models. After that, Dr. Xu has been working in the medical device industry for 10 years as a biostatitician with Johnson and Johnson before joining StrategyGen. He is passionate about improving patient experiences and hospital performances using complex data analytics tools.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Biostatistics and health data analytics

  • Epidemiology

  • Heath economics and finance

  • International health

  • Health survey and patient satisfaction

Laurence Roth, PMP, MS

Senior Project Manager and Data Analyst

Laurence Roth, PMP, MS is StrategyGen’s  Senior Project Manager with more than 14 years of project management experience with CMS and the nation’s health services organizations. He managed highly complex projects for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a Project Lead for IT System Design for the CMS Innovation Center. Larry was CMS’ Operations Lead for the Exchange Operations Center (XOC) and was their HITECH IDR GTL and Governance Coordinator. He directed the collection of data sets from CMS IDR and QIES and non-CMS (ACS) systems.

In addition to Larry’s CMS experience, he provided knowledge management, decision support and data analytics services for various health services organizations, including the nation’s largest pharmacy benefits managers.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management of Large, Multiple Projects

  • IT System Design of Applications

  • Business System Analysis

  • Data Analysis

  • Business Research

  •  Software Life Cycle

  • Knowledge Management and Decision Support

Shelley Mason, PMP, MBA

Business Analyst

Shelley Mason, MBA, is StrategyGen‘s Business Analyst and has fifteen years of experience working in the intersections between the realms of business, medicine, government, and engineering.

Shelley works to bring clarity and insight to the information and to help it be communicated clearly to all stakeholders.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Operations Analysis

  • Engineering and Procurement Process

  • Research and Documentation

  • Data Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Project Management of Multiple Projects

Soulis Lindsay Pangalos, JD

Senior Consultant on Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Soulis Lindsay Pangalos, JD is StrategyGen‘s Senior Consultant on federal and regulatory policy and regulations. Soulis advises clients on the impact of emerging, new and existing regulations and provides relevant insight tailored to client needs. Soulis provides subject matter expertise and analytical insight for program integrity, state and federal compliance, and liability.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • Federal and regulatory compliance

  • Data analysis

  • Program and provider integrity

  • Health care administration law


  • Continuing learning modules