Brain Injury Month

Not all are this fortunate. StrategyGen Co. (SBA Certified HUBZone Small Business) reminds you to take care of your most vital organ and please visit to learn about, and/or work with us. Simon’s Recovery After Being Comatose for Over a Month A tragic hit-and-run left Simon so broken that the paramedic at the site initially mistook him for dead. Despite his serious condition, Simon would eventually make one of the most remarkable recoveries from severe brain injury in medical history. Simon’s brain injury destroyed a third of his right hemisphere and caused severe internal bleeding. When the doctors evaluated him, he scored only 3 points on the Glasgow Coma Scale. People with a GCS score of three have a 7% chance of survival with a good outcome (and that’s if they remain in that state for less than two weeks). Simon’s coma lasted over a month. When Simon finally woke up, he had almost no awareness of his surroundings. He had forgotten how to read or write, and could barely understand what others were saying. His attention span was minimal, and he even scored a 50 on the IQ test (the lowest score possible). Needless to say, the doctors predicted he would have to depend on others for the rest of his life. Simon was lucky enough to get the help of a therapist who refused to give up on him, despite his seemingly hopeless case. His therapist, Dr. Lois Provda, made him work on cognitive therapy activities three times a week, and by the time she finished with him, his mental abilities had more than doubled. After only two years, Simon went from being practically helpless to living on his own with only minor assistance. Today, Simon has regained nearly all his cognitive functions, and now has an IQ level of 151! He’s even written a bestselling book about his recovery story

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