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2013 Problem 1: Too Much Unnecessary Care Problem 2: Avoidable Harm to Patients Problem 3: Billions of Dollars are Being Wasted Problem 4: Perverse Incentives in How We Pay for Care Problem 5: Lack of Transparency Forbes article 2/21/2013 2022 1. Lack of Insurance Coverage 2. Preventable Medical Errors 3. High Cost of Healthcare 4. Medical Fraud 5. Cybersecurity FloatCare article 1/17/2023 In this case, the point is to illustrate the changing landscape of healthcare. Changes in technology and the rise of covid have accelerated the pace of change. To navigate this new landscape, it is sometimes necessary to reach out to experts. Similarly, government contracts in healthcare have a similar landscape. A new award with differing requirements appears every year, and we need an expert to help us navigate the pitfalls. We, at StrategyGen Co., are SBA Certified HUBZone Small Businesses that will assist you in reaching your goals. With fourteen years in government contracting, focusing on healthcare, we can guide you to your destination. Please visit us at to see our contract vehicles and capabilities.

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