StrategyGen Receives “Exceptional CPARS”

“StrategyGen Co.’s management team continued to engage and be extremely responsive to CMS needs. The management team was proficient in managing the project and required an expected decreased level guidance from CMS to produce deliverables during this third year of the contract. During this period of performance, StrategyGen was responsive to CMS feedback and continued to implement plans to ensure successful contract performance, as necessary. StrategyGen continued to employ personnel with appropriate experience and dedicated and trained staff assigned to each task in this contract based on the uniqueness of the requirements and dedicated additional personnel, as needed. StrategyGen Co. continued to utilize a collaborative approach and appropriate subject matter experts to perform the unique intricacies of this work and produce required deliverables. The contractor’s management oversight continued to ensure all difficult problems were addressed and tailored training and resources as needed. StrategyGen

Co. successfully coordinated concurrent deadlines, while keeping CMS informed of the status off all requirements. StrategyGen Co. met or exceeded all of the Statement of Work management requirements throughout the period of performance. StrategyGen Co.’s management team was diligent and engaged, and the team worked to ensure successful contract performance.”

StrategyGen Co